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Justice recognizes paternity of child born out of wedlock

Written by FDM

It is a first in Morocco: the judge has resorted to science to prove the paternity of a man who refused to recognize his child born of a sexual relationship outside marriage.

This is a first in the judicial history of Morocco. Indeed, the tribunal of Tangier used the DNA analysis to prove the paternity of a man out of marriage certificate. The judge also relied on international laws that privilege the rights of the child. Even though, according to the Moroccan Constitution, paternity can be recognized by the law only in the framework of a marriage.

At the end of 2016,  a woman filed a complaint against the man who refused to recognize her daughter born out of wedlock. The mother also claimed that a pension be paid by the biological father reports the same source.Therefore, the court resorted to DNA analysis before deciding in the case. Such decision is unprecedented in Morocco, and was highly regarded by women’s rights activists.