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« Jubilant contemplation », the exhibition by Khadija Lailani Lahlou 

Written by FDM

The artist painter Khadija Lailani Lahlou presents, from May 10 to June 10, her collection called « La contemplation jubilatoire » (Jubilant contemplation). An exhibition to discover at the Klimt Art Gallery in Casablanca.

For the artist, the theme represents a « kind of inner revolt in the light of human transformations. This is similar to what is observed in nature. […] the colors used make sense and particularly appeal to me … Solitude, hope, discovery, adventure, revolt as many qualifiers that I give to each of my colors, » she said in a statement relayed by the gallery.

For the Klimt Art gallery, Khadija Lailani Lahlou’s visual work inevitably immerses the audience into her emotionally charged universe:  » One can only be right in the middle of a quick immersion in sensations. These are gentle by experimentation, and strong by approach. »

The gallery also credits Khadija Lailani’s paintings for creating this « double observation which takes root in a certain familiarity instantly recognizable with a close universe where the creation and the contemplative attitude are one. » For Khadija « When there is light, there is hope!  » the gallery concludes.