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Journalist Hajar Raissouni and her fiancé sentenced to one year for abortion, 2 years for the doctor

Written by FDM

Journalist Hajar Raissouni and her fiancé Rifaât Al Amine were sentenced on Monday (September 30th) to one year in prison by the Rabat Court of First Instance for “illegal abortion” and “sex outside wedlock”.

The doctor who performed the abortion was sentenced to two years in prison and fined 500 dirhams for carrying out the abortion. He was also banned from practicing medicine for two years after prison. The assistant, for her part, was sentenced to 8 months of a suspended sentence and the anesthetist to one year suspended.

A former journalist at Akhbar Al Yaoum, Hajar, 28, was arrested by the police on Saturday (August 31st) as she was leaving her gynecologist’s office in Rabat “where she had rushed for bleeding,” said her defense.

“She was subsequently led by the police at the Rabat University Hospital where she suffered, against her will and outside of any legal procedure, an extreme medical “counter-expertise” to make her confess to acts regarding her private life that she has not committed in this case,” continued the defense of the young woman.

According to the medical counter-examination ordered by the police, the young woman had undergone an abortion.

According to the young woman, her arrest is primarily “a political affair that aims to punish her for her articles on the Hirak (the protest movement in the Rif, ed ), and intimidate her uncle Soulaymane Raissouni, human rights activist and journalist of Akhbar Al Yaoum”, she said.

The public prosecutor at the court of the first instance in Rabat, for its part, denied in a statement, the political nature of this case. The arrest of the journalist “has nothing to do with her profession. It is due to her visit to a clinic that was controlled primarily on the basis of information obtained by the judicial police on the usual practice of abortions,” he continued.

“The investigation in question has nothing to do with the profession of the journalist, but concerns the acts constituting criminal offenses under criminal law, namely, the practice of abortion, the acceptance and participation in abortions by third parties,” he added.