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Jihane Bougrine says “Khelini Alik”, in new single on violence against women

The first Moroccan artist to sign with Universal Music Mena, returns this March 5 with a second single. “Khelini Alik” is a hymn to women and a cry against the most widespread scourge in the world: violence against women and the silence that reigns around it.

With a melancholy Oriental Rock tune, Jihane Bougrine’s second single, second extract from her album “Dima Labass”, released in June 2020, is a lament and a cry against injustice. A subject that is still too taboo, but a daily reality in the world, of course, that prevails every day in Morocco, whether it be domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, genital mutilation. The song was composed and written by Jihane Bougrine, who wishes to mix tunes of world music with Darija (Moroccan dialect), her mother tongue and make it travel.

In the song, the singer-songwriter describes the end of a love story that went wrong, the end of a toxic relationship, from which one can not get out unscathed. The music video takes the form of a short film directed by Bachir Belhamri and features actress Fatima Ezzahra El Jaouhari who plays the role of Faty, a young woman who dines with her best friend Basma (Basma Benkirane) where the latter intends to present her fiancé, a “perfect man” (Osama Hajji).