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 Jihane Bougrine makes a statement with new song “Madabya” 

Written by FDM

On Thursday, June 11, Jihane Bougrine released “Madabya”, as the third extract from her album “Dima Labass”.

“Madabya” is an ode to love, respect, and diversity composed and co-written by Jihane Bougrine and Ayoub Belmokkadem. Several well-known artists were also invited to participate in the video.

The first Moroccan artist to sign with Universal Music Mena stays true to her style, the bossa nova Moroccan rock with lyrics in Darija. But above all, ‘Madabya’ is a hopeful song about a better world. “ Optimistic and almost utopian, Madabya, a song I wrote 7 years ago. It took a long time to find its way to the public, but here it is today, in a context which gives it even more resonance, and more reason”, explains, in a press release, Jihane Bougrine.

Since a song about living together could only be done “together”, Jihane Bougrine imagined a mosaic clip where everyone would bring their vision, their touch, their heart. Thus, she surrounded herself with many personalities, artists, singers, and animators, quarantined in Rabat, Casablanca, Fez, Paris and Beirut: Samia Akariou, Hicham Arazi, Tarik Azgui, Said Bay, Brice Bexter, Assaad Bouab, Mohamed Bousfiha (Momo), Ouidad Elma, Nisrin Erradi, Zainab Fasiki, Nadia Kounda, Fatima Zohra Lahouitar, Abdellah Mountassir Skalli, Sarah Perles, Mouna R’miki, Karim Saidi, Moncef Sakhi and Tania Saleh, also the musicians, drummer and percussionist Amine Bliha, bassist Walid Halimi, the oudist Zakaria Masrour, the pianist Amine Peterson, with the exceptional participation of the guitarist-author and composer Mehdi El Omari.

“It’s a song about the other’s look, about the fact that we can all live in peace, and that the other can be able to always be kind, to perceive us with love before thinking about the religion or skin color. What is happening in the United States is the exact example that the love of others is not yet acquired,” says the singer who took advantage of the lockdown to create another reality.

 After the release of “Madabiya”, the album “Dima Labass” will be released on June 18 on all YouTube, Spotify, Anghami, Deezer, and Apple platforms.