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Jazzablanca: Roberto Fonseca is impressed with Gnawa music

Cuban artist Roberto Fonseca expressed his admiration by the Gnawa music during the 12th edition of the “Jazzablanca” festival, the MAP reported.

The Havana native performed yesterday at the Casa-Anfa Hypodrome during the 12th edition of the festival “Jazzablanca”. Speaking at a press briefing, on Wednesday in Casablanca, Roberto Fonseca said he was impressed by Moroccan music, especially by Gnaoua, which inspired his next artistic project.

The artist who developed a concept of union between electro-analog and African instruments, Hammond organ and luz n’goni, congas and drum tamani, combined in a synthesis of Afro-Cuban groove and tradition of griots, already visited Morocco during his participation in the Sacred Music Festival of Fez.