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Jazzablanca: Photos of a third day overflowing with communicative energy

Written by FDM

Morcheeba as a headliner of the third day along with other jazz spirited acts made in Morocco.

After two days of musical madness, Jazzablanca continued its 2018 edition with a third stage on Monday April 16 … and not just any! The festival has invited the audience to the exceptional concert of Morcheeba, the iconic British band of the 1990s and 2000s, author of 8 albums and displaying more than 10 million records sold to its credits.

Who does not remember the sweet voice of the singer Skye Edwards humming the words of Rome Was not Built in a Day? No one apparently. For nearly two hours, the festival-goers responded at the Hippodrome Casa-Anfa in the most beautiful manner by taking in chorus some of the biggest tracks of the original duo of Dover. Mixing downtempo, trip-hop, Rnb and pop, Morcheeba delivered a masterful performance halfway between popular and experimental music, offering an unforgettable and mesmerizing experience!

The other two stages of Jazzablanca have also experienced great musical moments. Morocco was in the spotlight at the Samsung Village, where the public appreciated the performance of the sublime Sonia Noor. Singer, guitarist and composer, the young artist has proposed a repertoire that reflects her cultural identity, subtly mixing gnawa and oriental rhythms with soul and pop influences.

Very applauded, the band Les Barons de Baltimore marked the evening with its intensive play and free spirit! From electric to electro, from rock to jazz, from hip hop to indie reggae, Hicham Ayouch, Amine Rharbi, Salim Akki and Omar Bounou conceived a fusion with syncopated rhythms, where rhymes and sounds blended to the delight of festival-goers.

This third day wasn’t just about pleasure for ears. The eyes of festival-goers also received their share of surprises with the Jazzablanca OFF program, which continued its offer of entertainment for all Casablanca natives. L’Espace Créateurs of the Samsung Village has hosted dozens of local designers who unveiled their objects and products inspired by Moroccan heritage. A creation in all forms that remains displayed until Thursday, April 19!