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Jaylann reveals vulnerable side in new single “Chi wqat”

After her successful title “Allo Allo”, Jaylann makes her comeback with a new song entitled “Chi wqat”.

It’s a complete change of vibe from the previous “Allo Allo”. “Chi wqat” reveals a more mature and vulnerable side of the artist. With a gentle yet rich voice nonetheless, Jaylann is singing alongside composer Beathoven who happens to be her husband.

On the backdrop of RnB and Pop melodies, the song itself is reminiscing moments of darkness and depression hence the title ‘Ch iwqat’ (moments). The lyrics are written by Jaylann in collaboration with Beathoven and the music video is directed by Anas Elgad.

This is Khaoula Moujahid’s third single, who changed her stage name to Jaylann after joining the B-Magnitude label.