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Le Jardin secret: one of the oldest Riads in Marrakech opens its doors

Written by FDM

Le Jardin secret (The Secret Garden), one of the largest and oldest Riads in the medina of Marrakech, opened its doors on Saturday for the first time to visitors after three years of restoration work.

The inauguration of this cultural-civilizational space was performed by the Wali of the Marrakech-Safi region, Abdelfattah Bjioui, the president of the Marrakech-Safi region, Ahmed Akhchichine, president of the Fondation nationale des musées  (FNM) Mehdi Qotbi, the President of Institut du Monde Arabe  (IMA), Jack Lang and CEO of secret Garden, Lauro Milan.

This “wonderful garden” is a “pure splendor right in Marrakech” in harmony with the cultural characteristics of the city. Said Mr. Jack Lang

As almost always in Islamic gardens, there is a source in the middle of the garden. Fountains, marble vanities and basins in the Riad give a light show, while the continuous runoff promotes serenity of the environment.

The origins of the secret garden go back to the second half of the sixteenth century, when Sultan Moulay Abdallah saadien began the urbanization of what is now the Mouassine.

When you visit you will discover  a peaceful place where the loudest sounds you’ll hear are those of water and birdsongs. A true represent of outstanding art and Islamic architecture.