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Janna Jihad, the 10-year-old Palestinian journalist rewarded in Turkey

Written by FDM

Janna Jihad, dubbed as the youngest journalist in the world, was honored by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan during the International Benevolence Awards ceremony in Istanbul.

Janna Jihad is a 10 years-old Palestinian girl from Nabi Saleh village in the occupied West Bank. On Facebook, she describes herself as a news personality, and has attracted more than 230,000 followers.

Her page includes several videos of her participating in demonstrations and confronting Israeli soldiers. Her reports are delivered in both Arabic and English.  She says that she seeks to end the injustice done to Palestinian children in the occupied territories.

Following her recognition in the International Benevolence Awards, Janna expressed both her pleasure and regrets about the Palestinian children situation.

« I am very proud that I have managed to deliver Palestine’s message to Turkey and the world, » Janna said. « Though I am happy that I won the award, I am sad that many children are being killed [in Palestine], » she said.

The International Benevolence Awards are given by Turkey’s Presidency of Religious Affairs, with a view to celebrate goodwill around the world.