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Jamila Sedqi, first Moroccan woman judge at the Administrative Court of the African Union 

Written by FDM

Jamila Sedqi is the new magistrate at the Administrative Tribunal of the African Union (AU). The Moroccan judge was sworn in on Wednesday (July 10th) before the AU Commission in Addis Ababa, becoming the first Moroccan woman to hold the position of judge.

Moroccan Judge Jamila Sedqi is now the Magistrate Cap at the Administrative Tribunal of the African Union (AU). She was appointed for a four-year term along with two other judges, namely Sylvester Mainga from Namibia and Paulo Comoane from Mozambique.

This is a magnificent achievement since she is the first Moroccan woman to hold this position in the African Union. “This appointment illustrates the tremendous progress made by Moroccan women in all areas, including Justice, ” she did not hesitate to declare.

Jamila Sedqi is also General Counsel at the Court of Cassation of Morocco and Liaison Magistrate, Legal Counsel in the Kingdom Mission to the European Union, and also serves as President of the Court of Appeal of Rabat with maintenance as head of position in Brussels. On her CV, she was an advisor to the Cabinet of the Minister of Justice (2006-2007) and magistrate in charge of Moroccans living abroad.

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