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Jamel Debbouze’s show in Casablanca canceled

Written by FDM

 Jamel Debbouze’s show “Maintenant ou Jamel” that was scheduled in Casablanca on October 19 and 20 is canceled. Here’s why.

“Kissman Maroc Production, the exclusive owner of the rights of Jamel Debbouze’s shows in Morocco, has been forced to break the contract that binds it to the company Radio Planet in charge of broadcasting and organizing the show “Maintenant ou Jamel”,  Jamel Debbouze’s production company announced. ” Indeed, the company Radio Planet has flagrantly violated its essential obligations under serious breaches of contract and also missed the basic rules of ethics. ”
Kissman Maroc Production also explains that it has tried to find a satisfactory agreement for both parties, and in order to “satisfy the Moroccan public” but to no avail. This prompted the production company based in the region of Paris to cancel the show.

Sincerely sorry for this last-minute cancellation, Kissman Maroc Production and Jamel Debbouze ” invite ticket holders to be repaid directly from the various points of sale made available by Radio Planet,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, the Moroccan comedian, founder of the Marrakech Du Rire Festival, still wants to meet his audience in Casablanca. He announced that new dates will be communicated very soon.