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Jamel Debbouze’s one man show “Maintenant ou Jamel!” soon in Casablanca!

Written by FDM

He had promised to return to Casablanca for five performances of his latest show “Maintenant ou Jamel!”. Jamel Debbouze will meet his audience, from January 8 to 12, 2019 in Megarama.

Driven by this irresistible desire to meet his Moroccan audience, Jamel Debbouze stops in Casablanca to share his latest creation. “I’m proud to present the show in Morocco and I’m sure we’ll have a great time,” he said.

“Maintenant ou Jamel!”  Is an impertinent recall of the evolution of his personal life, in a context rich in change. This is how the comedian tells us, among other topics, his relationship with his audience and the Marrakech of laughter, as well as the education of his children that he can not help but compare to his own.

Thanks to his impetuous spontaneity and improvisation, Jamel returns with a show in the light of the current news to offer his audience a one man show just as unique as his old ones. Whether he talks about Trump or Macron, his role as a father or his family, it’s always with a tone so light, so burlesque that it’s better to laugh at it …

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