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Italy: Ex-Moroccan model Najat Karim dies at the age of 35

Written by FDM

The former Moroccan-Italian model, Najat Karim, died Sunday at the age of 35, following a long illness.

This fashion star rose to international prominence with her previous participation in Miss World Italy in 2009, where she was a finalist representing the Lombardy region. Her husband, Andrea Tironi, paid her a final tribute on social media, where he praised her courage and determination, after a long battle with a brain tumor.

“She fought to the end, with all her might”, he recalled, relayed by Il Resto Del Carlino. In his tribute, he also described “a unique, radiant, determined and intelligent woman”, a “wonderful and gentle mother”, who left behind Adam, a 7 years old son.

“I wanted to thank in my name and hers all those who were close to us and who contributed with a donation to help her, give her hope (…) Without these treatments, I would surely have lost her a long time ago” added Andrea Tironi.

Najat purtroppo non ce l’ha fatta. Ha lottato fino all’ultimo, con ogni sua forza, contro un male che purtroppo le aveva…

Publiée par Andrea Tironi sur Dimanche 4 octobre 2020

Indeed, the couple had received help from the city’s businesses who have organized fundraisers to help with the model’s treatment, when she had to undergo heavy medical care. Najat’s state of health required two surgeries and a few courses of chemotherapy, Italian outlet Il Resto del Carlino reported.

For his part, Andrea Tironi said that out of respect for Najat’s family and relatives, the funeral will take place in the city of Aosta, “respecting Muslim culture.” Have a good trip my love,” he concluded his farewell message.