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Italian President of the Chamber of Deputies receives Moroccan student

Written by FDM

Italian President of the Chamber of Deputies, Laura Boldrini, received Moroccan Student, Ihlam Mounssif,  after she was barred from entering the House of Deputies because of her origin.

Ihlam Mounssif received the highest grade in Political Science division. thus was one of the top performing students who were honored by Deputies last Friday in Italy. However, she was denied attendance from one of the meetings in the Chamber of Deputies after the ceremony because of her Moroccan origin.

According to regulations, the public in Italy is allowed to enter the Chamber but they must fill out an identification form. That’s when Mounssif was blocked entry because she had a Moroccan Passport. She then resorted to the media and her story received immense public attention in Italy.

Parliamentary Speaker, Laura Bolderana, perceived the denial of the 22-year-old Moroccan student was an “unbearable mistake” and “unacceptable.” She agreed to personally receive Mounssif in the Chamber on Sunday, amid a warm show of applause form the deputies.

According to reports, in light of Ilham Mounssif’s case, Boldrini used the opportunity to request approval of a law making it possible to grant citizenship to the children of immigrants in Italy.