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Investigation opened following video of a beaten women accused of sex during Ramadan

Written by FDM

A new video on social networks sparked an outrage and the Royal Gendarmerie opened an investigation. A woman was hit in the face by a group of hooded men near Safi, for suspiciously having sex in the middle of Ramadan with a stealth driver.

The Royal Gendarmerie is investigating the new case that shocked Internet users, as claimed by Telquel Arabi who consulted a judicial source. On May 30, a video was posted on social media, showing a woman with a bloody nose in a van. Hooded men were surrounding her and some were armed with bats.

The video shows an interrogation-like scene, where the woman seemed obliged to answer questions from all sides. Her own wrong? Being in the same car as another man, namely the stealth driver ( khattaf ), in a far away place. According to Telquel Arabi, the place is douar Oulad Mhaya, near Safi. The assailants who took up the role of the “vice squad” accused the duo of sexual intercourse during the month of Ramadan. The young woman and the driver denied all accusations and hardly tried to explain that she is a student simply doing fieldwork, but in vain. The hits resumed and the video stops …