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Internet users offended by the presence of a woman in Hijab in a L’Oréal ad

Written by FDM

 An advertising campaign of the cosmetics brand L’Oreal sparked debate among French netizen for displaying a woman in Hijab.

French politician Lydia Guirous, a member of the right-wing Republican Party (LR), posted this weekend on her Twitter account a photo of L’Oreal’s new campaign, pointing to the fact that this campaign is putting before a veiled woman: « After Gap, H & M, Nike … L’Oréal adheres to an Islamist vision of the Muslim woman by displaying a veiled woman. Ethnic Marketing = Regression! » she captioned.

The young woman in question, as several Internet users have pointed out, is the professional makeup artist and YouTuber Salima Aliani of Moroccan decent. She signed in 2015 a one-year contract with the company after winning the « Brush Contest », making her the « best makeup artist in the world, » recalls the French newspaper L’Est éclair .

While some Internet users have expressed their agreement with the former spokeswoman of the party Republicans, known for her book « Allah est grand, la République aussi » , published in 2014, many have on the other hand hailed the initiative of the brand and brought their support to the young makeup artist:

« Long live diversity and tolerance. Thank you @lorealparisfr! As for you, learn to close your mouth for the well-being of all »

« You are a shame. This campaign is beautiful for its diversity. »