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International Raï Festival : Acclaimed Closing with Cheba Zahouania

Written by FDM

The 12th edition of the Oujda Raï International Festival ended on Saturday evening, with intense performances by the artists Cheba Zahouania and Reda Talyani having given the audience a most festive concert.


Her real name Halima Mazzi, the Raï diva sang and delighted the festival-goers, who came greatly  to the Stade d’Honneur stage, with a musical cocktail drawn from her rich repertoire including “Rani Nebghik”, “Mama” or still “Hbibi”. With her authentic charisma and her resounding voice, Cheba Zahouania has created relaxed atmosphere accentuated by creative and impressive lighting effects.

This evening was also enlivened by the beautiful performance of the Algerian artist Reda Talyani who held his fans in suspense throughout a concert where they chanted along with the singer’s famous hits including “Bayna Bayna”, ” Josephine “,” Va bene “or” Ya Lbehri “.

The evening was also marked by the performance of the popular artist El Mokhtar EL Berkani , Cheb Smail, Cheb Oumaim, Nasser Migri and Fatima Zahrae Laarousi allowing the audience to dance to different rhythms of several musical styles.

As a reminder, this 12th edition of the Oujda International Festival of Raï (July 14th to 21st), which coincides this year with the nomination of Oujda as cultural capital of the Arab world, presented a wide range of artistic activities and Moroccan and Arabic music, as well as an array of debates around Raï culture.