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Intense Faces and gazes by Zineb Bennis exposed at So Art Gallery

Written by FDM

The young painter Zineb Bennis is exposing her very first exhibition “Sur le fil” from June 12 to July 12 at So Art Gallery. On her canvases are large and powerful portraits, mostly of female bodies.

In light of So Art Gallery’s commitment to promoting promising young talents, Zineb Bennis’s exhibition called “Sur le fil” will be up for a month starting June 12 at the gallery. A collection of large monochrome portraits whose looks are both intense and captivating.

Self-taught painter, Zineb Bennis masters, with finesse, the free contemporary technique “Drip Painting” to express emotions and expressions giving life to striking faces. Her creations oscillate between narrative figuration and lyrical abstraction. They are simply the reflection of inner conversations, as stated by the gallery.

Two years ago, Zineb was pursuing a professional career in the corporate world, however, she decided to change lanes when she encounters some health problems, the young woman turns first to drawing before trying to paint to overcome this delicate phase. As the months go by, a passion was born.

In January 2019, she met with Ghizlaine Guessous, director of So Art Gallery who was quickly fascinated by the works of the artist. ” You do not become a painter either by distraction or even by chance … It is in her DNA, but the click is important. And Zineb Bennis discovered her passion in the most difficult moments, “said the gallerist who’s exhibiting for the first time the work of this young artist. In short, a very intimate exhibition not to be missed!