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Inspiring Meriem El Moubarik on the Nike pro-Hijab campaign

Written by FDM

NIKE pays tribute to the two-time world champion Muay-Thai and K1, Moroccan Meriem El Moubarik, and celebrates the love of sport, courage, and perseverance despite the challenges and obstacles that weighed on her mind and threatened her professional career.

Indeed, the international icon of combat sports was revealed, in a video shot in partnership with Welovebuzz, that she was the victim of racial discrimination because of her hijab in a high-level international sports event. Indeed, in 2016 in Jonkoping, Sweden, during the world championship of Muay-Thai, Meriem was banned from getting into the ring because of her outfit. “I was forbidden to participate in my Hijab. I did it, and I became world champion,” says our formidable champion.

With this human initiative, NIKE aims to promote the practice of an apolitical and areligious sport, a sport of fair play for all. With NIKE Pro Hijab, the brand intends to serve the pioneers of today, like Meriem El Moubarik and inspire more women to play sports. A vocation that perfectly reflects the slogan of the brand signed Bill Bowerman, co-founder of NIKE: If you have a body, you are an athlete.