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INSAF to help the poor and sub-Saharans immigrants

Written by FDM

Since the beginning of March, the association INSAF has doubled its efforts to come to the aid of the most disadvantaged by creating several food distribution operations. This aid includes as of May 11, sub-Saharan migrants.


The Insaf association has distributed more than 110 tonnes of food, in the form of 25 kg packages of essential food items. This aid concerned families in precarious situations in Casablanca (500 parcels), but also families in remote villages in the provinces of Haouz and Chichaoua to whom the association sent more than 4,000 parcels.

The distribution of foodstuffs continues this week in Casablanca and Rabat in favor of the sub-Saharan migrants. 4,000 parcels were thus prepared for the 4,000 migrants from Casablanca, and include 40,000 masks (offered by Soft) 4,000 liters of bleach to disinfect the masks offered by Mutandis, 8,000 soaps, 4,000 awareness flyers about COVID-19 and foodstuffs. 4,500 other packages are also being prepared and will be entrusted to the Cardinal Archbishop of Rabat. This operation will allow 8,500 sub-Saharan migrants to protect themselves against the Coronavirus,  INSAF specified in a press release,