Indian Desert: Creamy Mango kulfi

Written by FDM

An Iftar is not complete without a dessert. Besides, what better way to beat the rising temperature than with a crunchy ice cream? Today our recipe is a little exotic, but easy to achieve. The Mango Kulfi is an Indian cooler; it is often described as “traditional Indian ice cream”. The recipe combines the taste of sweet mangoes with crunchy pistachios.

You will need:

500ml- Milk
1.5 cup- Sugar
2 tbsp- Cream
A few strands of saffron (Kesar)
1 and ¼ Cup- Mango Pulp
2 tbsp- Pistachio
8- Kulfi moulds
8- Ice Cream Sticks


– Heat milk in a wide pan and bring to a boil.

 – In a small bowl, keep aside 1-2 tbsp of the boiled milk and add the saffron strands to it.

– Now, reduce the larger quantity of milk on a medium flame, stirring it occasionally to prevent burning. The trick to    perfect kulfi is stirring milk evenly.

– Add the soaked saffron to the reducing milk, stiring all the while and reduce to half. Add the sugar and cream, and     cook it for another 1-2 minutes.

– After reducing the milk, let it cool down completely.

– After it cools down, add mango pulp and pistachios and pour into kulfi moulds.

– Set the moulds in the freezer for two hours. After two hours take them out, insert ice cream sticks into each of the        kulfi moulds.

– Let it set for another four hours and serve.