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INDH: A new impetus for preschool education in Sefrou

Written by FDM

The National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) has given new impetus to preschool education in the province of Sefrou, especially in rural areas.

The National Initiative for Human Development (INDH), which is in its third phase, has just given new impetus to preschool education. The provincial human development committee (CPDH), chaired by the governor of the province of Sefrou, has made it possible to carry out numerous social and educational projects, as well as initiatives aimed at children, particularly in the Taghza and Ifrah villages in the commune of Ighzarane.

A pre-school teaching unit has thus been set up in Taghza. Launched at the start of this school year, it has mobilized investments of 215,000 DH. About ten boys and girls benefit from this educational structure, all from surrounding localities. In Ifrah, a similar unit was created for a total cost of around 215,000 DH, benefiting 17 children, including 7 girls. A total of 21 socio-economic projects were unanimously approved, including ten projects under the program to boost human capital for rising generations. They concern, among other things, school transport and support for the management of the student’s home.

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