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In the European Parliament, this MP talked about the sexual assault she underwent

Written by FDM

In the European Parliament, German MEP Terry Reintke recalled in a debate on violence against women on Monday, September 11, the assault she had been through a month before.

In the midst of a debate on violence against women in the european parliament, German MEP Terry Reintke told the story of what happened to her when she returned home with her friends: « A guy came after from the back, very suddenly, without me seeing him beforehand, and grabbed me between my legs. »

Faced with the other deputies, the 30-year-old ecologist continued her narrative:  » I tried to run after him and scream at him and curse at him only with one thought in my head, if I scare him enough, he would not do this to any other woman again in his life. »

Emphasizing how she has been taken care of by local police, she spoke of the need to fight for all the women who were victims of such violence:  » I felt safe and taken seriously in this moment ».   She ended by stressing the need to improve the status of women and to reverse sexism as  » a very important and historic step on the road to a society without violence against women. »