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In Hollywood, 94% of women say have experienced sexual harassment

Written by FDM

In Hollywood, a survey conducted by US groups including USA Today on 850 women in the film industry has found that 94% of them have experienced sexual harassment or assault.

#MeToo is not just a viral hashtag. Out of 850 respondents surveyed by USA Today, almost all women including directors, actors and editors, claimed to have been victims of sexual harassment or assault. More than a third of the respondents did not know that they were facing this situation.

This ranged over “unwelcome sexual comments, jokes or gestures” (87%), “being touched in a sexual way” (69%) and “being shown sexual pictures without consent” (39%). In addition, 21% said they had been “forced to do a sexual act” and 10% that they had been “ordered unexpectedly to appear naked for auditions”.

As bewildering as it is, this figure does not seem to shock some: « It happens so often that it’s just a way to work, » said a cameraman interviewed by the daily.

Splintered by sex scandals since the Weinstein affair , Hollywood’s glamorous image is fading day by day and the Walk of Fame could become the Walk of Shame . Actresses, but also producers, directors, screenwriters … it’s not just a profession, but a whole environment that is concerned.

For most victims, the perpetrator is an older superior who benefits from his or her hierarchical position. All this is even more worrying when we know that the United States formally condemns harassment at work since 1991.