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Imane Bassou becomes model of the year 2017 in Italy

Written by FDM

At only 16, Italian Imane Bassou of Moroccan origin was voted fashion model of the year in Italy.

It was during the 34th edition of the « Fotomodella dell’Anno Academy 2017 » that the girl qualified against 21 competitors. In Rome, where the beauty contest was held, many local celebrities from the artistic and fashion world gathered this Saturday, September 23 to elect the model of the year.

Publié par Agenzia Vertigó sur lundi 25 septembre 2017

Imane Bassou, based in Nereto and of Moroccan origins, won the « Fashion model of the year 2017 » award (best model) and also the « best make-up » prize awarded by artist Franca Di Bella, according to Italian reports.

Publié par Andrea Vasta sur dimanche 24 septembre 2017

During this contest, three great fashion designers proposed their sublime outfits to dress the competitors during the parades. Palestinian fashion designer Jamal Taslaq and Italian Gianni Calignano and Franco Ciambella provided the outfits for the young women.