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Iman Oubou, Miss New York 2015 launches media business for Women

Written by FDM

Former Miss New York of Moroccan origins, Iman Oubou, steps into entrepreneurship by launching SWAAY, a digital platform. Today she’s reaching out for netizens to expand her business.

« SWAAY Media is a new platform that elevates and empowers women entrepreneurs, innovators and disruptors » reads the description of the website launched in 2016.

The first time Oubou had ever though of the project was during a competition of her first beauty pageant in 2012 when a judge asked her, “If you had to choose between being beautiful and being smart, which one would it be?”

A question Oubou, 28, did not approve of. “You can be both stylish, pretty, and glamorous, and you can also start a business and be business-savvy, smart, and intellectual.” as she relayed to A mission she managed to uphold since she moved out from Morocco at 15, by pursuing a career as a cancer research scientist and competing in beauty pageants.

The best advise she would give to aspiring female founders? Self-awareness.  « Know your strengths and focus on doing what you’re best at, then look for people to surround yourself with that will help you with what you’re not good at. » she stressed in an interview with