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#Ila_Mahchmnach_Nkhafou, INSAF’s campaign to save the little ones

Written by FDM

Insaf has just launched, this October 10th, a vast campaign dubbed #Ia_Mahchmnach_Nkhafou (#if we are not ashamed, let us be afraid). The aim is to assert the section 23 of the Domestic Work act, 19-12 which came into force on October 2, stipulating the prison sentence incurred by an employer employing a child under 16 as a child.


” They are from 6 to 16 years old (…) They sleep in the kitchen on a bench (…) They work tirelessly, and their little hands are chapped by corrosive cleaning products (…) These are the little maids”. A picture painted with precision and realism by Meriem Othmani, the president of Insaf (National Institute of Solidarity with Women in Need) who launched, this October 10, the campaign #Ila_Mahchmnach_Nkhafou (#if we are not ashamed, let us be afraid) to draw attention to article 23 of the law 19-12 on domestic work.

She simply wants to “unsettle employers of children,” as she says. For this, the message must be known by the largest number via social networks: employing children under 16, it is now liable to MAD 25 to 30 000 of fines, fines go up to MAD 50 000 – 60 000 in case of recidivism and 1 to 3 months in prison.

As Meriem Othmani rightly stressed: ” Using a minor child is a punishable prison offense and a moral crime. Nothing excuses or justifies child labor. Nobody has the right to sacrifice the life of a child. Let us react and condemn those who employ and abuse these little girls. Denounce those who employ a maid under 16 years old. Let’s free them all and give them back to school. “