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ICHTAH frees Moroccans from confinement through dance

Written by FDM

ICHTAH and its dancers are making a dance video in full confinement, entitled “Moroccans Dance Closer Together” to entertain and soothe the spirits.

Unable to go out on the streets, the dancers go up. Naturally, these Moroccan artists dance made a stage out of the roofs of their homes, allowing us spectators to have an overview of several cities in Morocco such as Casablanca, Rabat, Fez, Meknes, and Tangier, or simply to enjoy a breathtaking view of the kingdom’s sky.


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Freedom of dance can’t be lockdown 🔥 ICHTAH DANCE MOVEMENT #moroccansdanceclosertogether 📽Edited @mohcine.allouch 🎵 Get down @djmshega ft Busi N

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The lively pulsations of the music and the sustained rhythm of the editing send down a rain of positive waves during this period of confinement. “A cathartic approach for the Moroccan people, which allows us at the same time to discover the new Moroccan artistic scene, teeming with talented artists,”  said Sara Zniber, founder of ICHTAH dance agency, in a statement.

“This dance escape makes us completely forget the hundreds of kilometers that separate these talents from each other. Dance as an outlet, dance as deliverance, dance as emancipation. We witness the spectacle of confined life, released by dance. This liberation, therefore, makes us simply reconsider the capital importance of art and dance in our culture and national identity,” she concluded.

ICHTAH is more determined than ever to make things happen and people, with the aim of democratizing and promoting dance in Morocco. Convinced that dance is part of the DNA of Moroccans, the agency continues to find talents all over the country, produce shows, develop artistic creativity and thus create outlets for professional dancers who make Morocco vibrate by their amazing talent.