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“Hshouma”, educational platform launched by the young cartoonist Zaïnab Fasiki

Written by FDM

Moroccan artist and illustrator Zaïnab Fasiki launched a new plateforme called “Hchouma” to tackle less addressed topics in a Moroccan society.

Zaïnab Fasiki just came back from an exhibition in Spain where she displayed most of her works.  After having recently made a name for herself by publishing a short comic entitled “The essentials of sex education” in the latest issue of Skefkef magazine, the cartoonist took up a new project called “Hshouma”. Between sexuality, freedom and gender equality, Fasiki wished, with pencils, to break the taboos of Moroccan society.

“When I was a child, every time I asked questions to my family or at school, everyone used to give me this answer: ‘ hshouma (meaning it’s shameful), do not talk about it!’ That’s why I chose this simple title to talk about it, ” Zaïnab Fasiki told HuffPost Morocco. “So it may be hshouma to go to the website …”, jokes the artist.

Following her participation in the residency of artists “El Ranchito”, Fasiki launched her website on June 26 “” with the support of the artistic center of Marrakech, Queens collective, as well as the Spanish cultural center, Matadero Madrid, as the HuffPost Morocco reports.

The  website, which is only in its first version, will soon be available in Darija (Moroccan dielect). A challenge that the cartoonist intends to meet with the help of other passionate participants at meetings and workshops organized in different cities of Morocco. In fact,The young woman is currently working on Hshouma comics where she invites readers to speak openly about sensitive topics such as the plurality of genres or sex education.  Proposals can also be done by email.