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How to make carrots and celeriac salad

Written by FDM

For a full vitamins boost, opt for this energy salad dressing that features carrots and celeriac. The sweet and tasty note can be brought by raisins. As it is fast and easy to prepare, this salad will effortlessly fit into your lunchbox.

Ingredients (for 4 people)

3 carrots
300 g celery root
50 g raisins
1 teaspoon of honey
2 tablespoons fine soy
Olive oil
1 teaspoon of mustard
Salt and pepper


1. Wash and chisel the coriander.
2. Prepare the vinaigrette sauce: mix the olive oil with honey, mustard, vinegar, soy sauce, salt and pepper. Add the parsley and mix.
3. Peel celery and grate it. Proceed in the same way for carrots.
4. Wash the raisins and drain them
5. Mix celery and grated carrots, raisins in sauce until a homogeneous preparation is obtained.
6. Serve immediately or marinate overnight.