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Houwalihiya, a shared platform for gender equality in the Arab world 

Written by FDM

The movement Houwa_Li_Hiya (Him for her) launched its new website A sharing platform that endorses gender equality in the Arab countries.

Raising awareness, promoting and discussing gender equality in the Arab world is the mission of the new website launched by the Houwa_Li_Hiya (Him for Her) movement created in 2015.

“For the first time in the Arab countries, it is not the role of the woman that will be discussed, but that of the man”, as the movement puts forward. It also invites the men to “act in favor of the woman”, “To invest more in her life, her education, her health, her fulfillment, her recognition”, and “to share her dreams, her ambitions, her fears as her joys”. Clearly, to be a partner in the fight for equality, putting an end to ” stereotypes imposed by societies.”.

“The idea (of this platform) is that everyone (whoever he may be) can share his opinion on the cause in his own way by posting photos, videos, articles, drawings or other,” adds the movement on his Facebook account.

The website is specifically divided into four sections: “our stories ” with shared experiences, “our voice” to share a subject that is close to your heart, ” inspirations ” grouping portraits of inspiring women and men, and “Podcast”. Concisely, the floor is yours to debate around this important topic!