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Houria Abdelouahed and Yasmine Chami at the Philosophers’ Night

Written by FDM

More than 30 thinkers, philosophers and artists including the psychoanalyst and lecturer Houria Abdelouahed and the author Yasmine Chami will take part in the Philosophers’ Night by the French Institute of Morocco.

The Philosophers’ Night by the French Institute of Morocco returns on Friday, November 9 in Rabat and Saturday, November 10 in Casablanca from 6:30pm till 12:30 am. Six hours during which thirty thinkers, philosophers and artists from Morocco, France and the Mediterranean countries will take turns and discuss around “Norms, Sex and Gender”, “Affects, Politics and Economy” and “Knowledge, Myths and Religions” .

Renowned people like the psychoanalyst and lecturer Houria Abdelouahed and the writer Yasmine Chami will be among participants. Also, the philosopher Myriam Revault d’Allonnes, Noureddine Saïl, the economist and former head of the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco, Driss Khrouz, and the sociologist and academic Éric Fassin.

In addition to the Halkas animated by high school students and associations, conversations around “art and philosophy” creating bridges between the debate of ideas and music, dance or cinema, will be programmed again, as well as “philosophy and humanity”.

A moment in which humanities researchers and philosophers will discuss topics such as “Anxiety Strangeness” or “Sad Passions in Politics”, as indicated by the French Institute of Morocco, stating that in Rabat, this year, the event moves to the large auditoriums of the Faculty of Sciences of Mohammed V University to welcome a larger audience.  Philosophers’ Night must have been a success!

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