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Houda Kabbaj exhibits ‘Immanence’ at So Art Gallery

Written by FDM

Artist photographer Houda Kabbaj, unveiled her latest works at the So Art Gallery on Friday night. The exhibition, entitled “Immanence” will guarantee an insight into an exceptional universe.


Born in Casablanca, but graduated from École Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris, Houda Kabbaj has been devoted to photography since the age of 16. A self-taught photographer, she uses mainly analog photography, whose experimental process is part of her approach. She defines her work as introspective from “mental images” she transcribes.

Houda Kabbaj renovates the pleasures of photography’s ritual. Skilled at double exposure, she brings a very particular sense to her shots. Black and white dominate in her works, where the luminous contrasts are expressive.

Houda Kabbaj passionately describes her work in identical terms, the materiality of her practice and that of Nature.

“Immanence”, until March 2, 2018.
So Art Gallery 29, Jalal Street Eddine Essayouti, Place des Iris, Casablanca.