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Horse Fair: Series of Tbourida shows and renewal with Arab Horse Organization 

Written by FDM

On the sidelines of the eleventh edition of the El Jadida Horse Fair, Sherif Moulay Abdallah Al Alaoui, President of the El Jadida Horse Fair Association, received HRH Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al Saoud, President of the Arabian Horse Organization.

The meeting was characterized by the renewal of the partnership agreement initialed between the El Jadida Horse Salon Association and the Arab Horse Organization, an institution that works to develop and encourage the breeding of Arab horses considering their importance as cultural and historical heritage.

As a reminder, El Jadida’s Horse Fair forms a solid structure intended to promote the interests of   Arab Horses in particular, but also the equestrian field in a general way, notably through the organization of the  King Mohammed VI Grand Prix of Tbourida in which not less than 17 Sorbas (teams) compete from all over the Kingdom. The winner  will be announced on Saturday night.