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Homeless man gets drastic makeover, his reaction is priceless

Written by FDM

A homeless man was granted a free drastic makeover by a local hair salon. His tearful reaction was caught on clip and went viral.

The heartwarming clip shows Jose Antonio who had been living on the streets of the Majorcan capital, Palma, for more than 25 years, staring at himself in disbelief, after staff from La Salvajería salon transformed his look from homeless to stylish in a matter of hours.

After a few minutes contemplation in the mirror, the 55 years-old man broke down in tears. Even passersby could not recognize him. The moving moment was captured in the clip below.

The former electrician had become homeless after suffering from depression, and ended up working as an « unlicensed car park attendant » to make money to buy food.

The film was originally shot in 2015, however it has only just been shared online. It has been viewed more than 600,000 times,  also shown on television in several different countries.