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Hind Bensari’s “We Could Be Heroes” Awarded at the Geneva International Oriental Film Festival 

Written by FDM

Hind Bensari received, on May 5, the special documentary mention at the end of the 14th edition of the Geneva International Oriental Film Festival (FIFOG).

The feature film by Hind Bensari has just been recognized. After winning the Toronto Festival Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary and winning the Tangier National Film Festival (FNFT) Grand Prize, “We Could Be Heroes ” won the special documentary mention alongside Yolande Zauberman’s film “M”.

The little jewel of Hind Bensari seduced the jury by the strength of the subject treated. It addresses the issue of exclusion among young athletes with disabilities. For more than 4 years, the director has filmed and captured the key moments of the magnificent fight of Azzedine Nouiri and Youssef, two childhood friends fighting for the Rio Paralympic Games (2016) despite many obstacles.

“This film does not tackle disability, but rather the exclusion and social injustice suffered by” different “or” destitute “people in Morocco, as the filmmaker had previously explained to Femmes du Maroc. Hind Bensari has simply struggled to make their struggles audible and show their hunger for victory.