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Hicham Lasri’s “woman in Mini-Burqa and Stilettos” film unveiled

Written by FDM

The new project of Hicham Lasri claims to be feminist and non-conformist. Remember the mid-knee burqa girl who had intrigued social networks? The film has just been unveiled.

During the L’Boulevard festival, a woman in a mini-burqa and black stilettos had stirred quite a buzz leaving the festival-goers perplexed and outraged at her unusual attire. It was then when Hicham Lasri spoke up to declare that the young woman was dressing the part for the first movie of his upcoming  “Women Power” trilogy. A series of short films in the form of a musical comedy.

The musical choices are the other particularity of this short film which tackles women’s conditions, the weight of society,and  the stereotypes with a humorous and provocative tone. The mixture of sounds changing abruptly from “Talaa Al Badrou Alayna” to an electric guitar solo, as the young woman walks confidently, set the backdrop for a music video of “The perfume” by the rock group Lazywall from Tangier.

Presented as a “social experiment”, this video captures the reaction of festival-goers when they saw the young woman passing by. By zooming in on the sometimes intrigued, sometimes scornful look of some, Hicham seems to want to denounce the intrusion of the male gender in the lives of Moroccan women, way to raise awareness.