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Hicham Lahlou highlights the richness of Moroccan design and heritage In Mexico

Written by FDM

Moroccan designer Hicham Lahlou was honored on Tuesday, October 9th, at the Faculty of Architecture and Design of the State Autonomous University of Mexico, where he gave a lecture on his international career and the characteristics of design in Morocco and Africa.

The conference, which was held in front of a packed audience and hosted by the Director of the Faculty of Architecture and Design, Martha Patricia Zarza Delgado, was marked by the presentation of a video on the Kingdom’s cultural heritage and its tourist attractions, the monuments and historical sites of its imperial cities as well as the diversity and richness of the historical influence of design in Morocco.

The video, commented by Hicham Lahlou, highlights the diversity of Moroccan architecture that has its roots in the ancestral history of the Kingdom, as well as major structuring projects launched in Morocco in recent years, especially in its southern provinces, and the assets and potential tourism, which abounds the Kingdom.

The speaker reviewed, on this occasion, some key moments of his professional career and his works of intercultural creation which, according to him, favor the emergence of new aesthetics which often maintain an original dialogue between the traditional and the modern.

The development of design in Morocco and Africa and its participation in major exhibitions and international exhibitions were also discussed during this conference, which was an opportunity to introduce Moroccan and African design to Mexican students and researchers and to forward the dynamism and creativity of design in Africa.

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