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“We Could Be Heroes”, inspirational documentary by Hind Bensari soon on TV

Written by FDM

Moroccan filmmaker Hind Bensari held her documentary’s Moroccan premiere last night in cinema Ritz, Casablanca. “We could be heroes” showcases the path and struggles of some disabled athletes who braved their handicap and became champions in their respective disciplines on national and international level.

Director Hind Bensari has followed for several years the path of these athletes. Among them is the double Paralympic gold medalist Azzedine Nouiri. With a rare sensitivity, the camera of Hind Bensari captured the fight of the latter in terms of accessibility and equal rights for the disabled people in Morocco.

In Safi, the birthplace of “We could be heroes” protagonists, the documentary staff pierced the lives of these athletes and revealed a harsh reality. These players who suffer from a disability are abandoned and must train with little means for the mere possibility to attract the attention of professional managers, to be able to access qualifications.

A challenging and difficult journey, but Azzedine Nouiri’s unwavering determination was the strongest. The young champion never gave up, and his efforts were paid. He won twice and made a world record. But his financial situation did not change much, because athletes with disabilities receive a different treatment from other champions. This led Azzedine Nouiri and his friends to demonstrate and organize sit-ins in front of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Rabat. Arrested for disturbances of public order and in custody for 24 hours, these athletes were soon before the judge …

This film will be broadcast on 2M channel, on Sunday, November 18 at 9:30pm as part of the documentary program “des histoires et des hommes”. As a reminder, the documentary ‘s world premiere took place in Toronto at the “Hot Docs International Documentary Festival”, where the film received the Grand Prize for Best International Documentary, a first for an African director.