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#HappyExpo: instilling happiness at Vert Marine

Written by FDM

Vert Marine presents happiness in all its forms! For two months, the project run by Saham Real Estate Collection will dedicate a 265 m2 suburban villa to the theme of happiness, central theme of the brand Vert Marine since its launch.

On the 4 levels offered by the Villa Pavillonnaire Vert Marine which houses the exhibition, an initiatory course dedicated to happiness offers to know more about what makes us happy, to make us experience these enjoyable little pleasures, and a answer a poll to register reactions.

Happiness can be family, greedy, green, blue or multicolored. It can take the form of a banana or a balloon, invite itself into a good book or reincarnate in beautiful pair of shoes. Happiness is in us, happiness is everywhere and even in Casablanca, as reveals the photo exhibition of the collective “Everyday Casablanca” in a very underground atmosphere.

Designed by the architect Laurent Zagury, Vert Marine is an innovative real estate project signed by Saham Immobilier Collection.

The exhibition is graciously open to the public from Monday to Saturday, from 10:30 am to 7:00pm at Vert Marine, Km10 Route d’Azemmour. It runs until December 15, 2018.