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Hanane’s affair: Death penalty for her rapist and murderer

Written by FDM

Hanane’s rapist and murderer was sentenced to death on Monday (February 10th) by the Rabat Court of Appeal. His accomplices received heavy prison terms.

The affair had caused a stir last year in Morocco, and aroused strong indignation. The facts date back to June 2019 when an individual kidnapped, tortured, and raped Hanane,34, using a glass bottle. One of his accomplices had filmed these atrocious scenes which took place in the medina of Rabat by broadcasting them on social networks.

Hanane’s murdered triggered several associations defending women’s rights in Morocco, including the Democratic Association of Women of Morocco who has joined as civil parties and has repeatedly sought justice for Hanane.

On February 10, the Court of Appeal confirmed the sentences against the accused. The main accused, 48, was convicted on the following counts: “premeditated murder”, “torture and ill-treatment”, “forcible confinement with torture”, “rape with violence”, “attack” indecent assault with violence ”,“ public intoxication” and “consumption of psychotropic drugs” was sentenced to death.

The other accused in this case, aged between 33 and 61, were convicted for having “participated in intentional homicide”, “knowingly providing a place of forcible confinement”, but also for “non-assistance to anyone in danger “,” incitement to crime”, “failure to report a crime knowing it had happened”, “recording a video without the victim’s consent” and for “defamation”. The individual who recorded the rape images received 20 years in prison and the other 8 accomplices 5 years in prison each.

As a reminder, the death penalty has not been applied in Morocco since 1992, because the country applies a de facto moratorium on the death penalty.