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“Hamza Mon bb” affair: Dounia Batma and her sister released on bail

Written by FDM

These are no longer rumors. Dounia Batma and her sister Ibtissam Batma are also involved in an alleged blackmail affair known by the media as “Hamza Mon BB”.

Monday, December 30th, the investigating judge of the court of first instance of Marrakech decided to release the Moroccan singer and her sister on bail for blackmail charges, wrote Moroccan news agency MAP, quoting a well-informed source.

The suspects are prosecuted for “participation in fraudulent access to the computer data processing system and dissemination of images and statements of others without their consent, with the aim of harming or defaming”.

The investigating judge also ordered the deposit of a MAD 400,000 bond by Dounia Batma and her sister.

According to reports, the pop star has been heard for more than 12 hours since her arrest on December 27 by the BNPJ (The National Brigade of the Judicial Police)
who banned her from leaving the territory. Her sister Ibtissam was summoned on December 25.
“Hamza Mon BB”, is the name of two accounts on social networks, Instagram and Snapchat, which mission was to slander and ruin the reputation of other artists. Created on April 16, 2016, and followed by more than 1.5 million people, the account posted three years of compromising photos, video recordings, slanderous gossip, and devastating rumors, especially of Moroccan celebrities.

This scandalous affair,  broke out last September following the complaint of the popular singer Saida Charaf. The latter had decided to prosecute the anonymous account for defamation after the publication of screenshots of a conversation attributed to her. The prosecution then opened an investigation. In total, nearly 70 complaints have been made against this account. The testimony of the YouTuber Soukaina Glamor was decisive in the arrest of the two Batma sisters.

Note that Mariam Saïd, a famous Moroccan host on the Saudi channel MBC4, had been a victim of this account when it posted some of her private photos, which resulted in her leaving her job and calling off an engagement three days before the wedding.