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The hammams of the Hassan II Mosque officially open their doors to the public 

Written by FDM

It’s official! Since July 7, the hammams of the Hassan II Mosque have opened their doors to the public and proposed an offer combining modern Moorish baths and “health baths”, all with aquatic activities.

Located below the esplanade of the Mosque, the traditional hammam for women and men measure, each 3 000 m² of the surface. And each is also composed of a foyer including a  relaxation corner, cloakrooms and a Moorish bath composed of three rooms (warm, hot and very hot).

It also includes an on-demand service area consisting of a scrub and soap room, while the “health bath” is a multi-purpose pool of 300 m3 of heated seawater and a depth of 1, 20 meters.

Admission-wise the entry is 50 dirhams for traditional hammams. The price can go up to 450 dirhams, depending, of course on additional services requested. As for the “health bath”, it amounts to 150 dirhams. At this price, the client has access to the pool of heated seawater and the use of the aquatic course, as well as relaxation and rest areas located around the pools.

The hammam service offer is aimed at both Moroccan and foreign clients. Indeed, as the president and general manager of the French spa management specialist, Julien Patty, pointed out, the services of the hammams are guided by the respect of the Moroccan tradition, highlighting the value and the range of the architecture of these “unique” hammams.

(With MAP)