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Hala Cherradi, Moroccan filmmaker in Berlin who fights against hate speech

Written by FDM

Hala Cherradi, a Moroccan young woman is part of the wining team of the international “Peer To Peer: Facebook Global Digital Challenge”. She is a Master student of the Strategic Design and Marketing Communication study programs of the design akademie berlin who participated with the project “Don’t Be Silent Berlin” against hate speech.

When she arrived in Germany two years ago to pursue her studies, the young Hala Cherradi dreamed of making a documentary film about refugees in Germany before finding herself, by necessity, very involved in a campaign to break up the silence on hate speech against refugees that is starting to grow on social networks in Germany .

Driven by the strong desire to change attitudes, Hala Cherradi, along with some students from the Design Akademie Berlin where she continues her studies, have mobilized as part of the campaign “Don’t Be Silent Berlin”, a student project against hate speech aimed to reach young people between the ages of 18 and 30 by raising their awareness and encouraging them to respond to hate speech.

Cherradi’s team prevailed with their concept against 85 international universities. Together with three finalist teams from Brazil, Bangladesh and Lebanon, they presented their concept to official Facebook representatives in Washington D.C. on January 30th. They ended up in the first place!

Wir sind freuen uns schon sehr auf 20:00–22:00 Uhr, denn in diesem Zeitraum präsentieren wir unsere Kampagne…

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Fall 2017 Peer to Peer: Facebook Global Digital Challenge finals

Watch the winner announcement live at the fall 2017 Peer to Peer: Facebook Global Digital Challenge in Washington, D.C. (U.S.).

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Cherradi has written, directed and co-produced with her colleague David Callamand the videos titled “Face the truth” for the same project,  in which cases of successful refugees in Germany are showcased. Khalil Aljasem for example who had won three times the “Run for Refugees” sports event.

While there are many anti-hate speech campaigns online, what sets the campaign of Hala and her colleagues apart is the strategy they followed, which involved “guerilla campaign”, flyer and poster distribution and cooperation with a cultural center for refugees.

“We worked hard during the campaign to develop powerful and moving communication tools, we wanted to show people how easily  they can counter hate messages, and a simple encouraging comment can make a difference.” she said in a statement to the MAP.