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Hakima Lebbar, Fan-Dok gallery’s founder exhibits her “Selected pieces”

Written by FDM

The Fan-Dok gallery through its founder Hakima Lebbar presents, from July 4 to October 4, “Pièces choisies”, the deconfinement exhibition which includes, among others, works by Rita Alaoui or even Amina Benbouchta.

The “Pièces choisies” (Selected Pieces)  exhibition was going to take place at the end of March. Lockdown decided otherwise. Thus, the exhibition carried by the founder of the Fan-Dok gallery, Hakima Lebbar, will take place from July 4 to October 4.

“All the works on display were chosen one by one with great care,” explains Hakima Lebbar in a press release. Passionate about art, I have been doing individual and group exhibitions for almost 25 years. The works presented today are selected pieces from various sources: some come from my personal collection, others are from major works”.

Hanging on the walls are the works of Drissi, Yamou, Benmoussa, Ahlam Mseffer, Hassan Echair, Mohamed Nouiri, Rita Alaoui, Amina Benbouchta, Dibaji, Anas Bouanani, Ahmed El Amine, or even Abdous. In addition to the gallery’s mezzanine, an exhibition of lithographs and engravings is also expected, covering the history of painting in Morocco with Glaoui, Ben Seffaj, Malika Agueznay, Mekki Meghara, Meliani, Miloud, Fatema Hassan, Habbouli, Moa Bennani , Qotbi, Binebine, Yamou, Benjkan, Bouhchichi, Hassan Echair, Safaa Erruas and many others.