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Hajja Hamdaouia retires and bequeaths her legacy to Xena Aouita

Written by FDM

Hajja Hamdaouia is definitely leaving the music scene. Over 90 years old, the Aïta icon also announced during a press conference held recently in Casablanca that she had ceded all of her artistic heritage to singer Xena Aouita.

“I’m tired, I can’t take it any longer,” Hajja Hamdaouia told the many journalists invited to this conference during which she announced that she was ending her long career. “I decided to leave the scene,” announced the diva of Aïta, specifying that she bequeathed all of her legacy and her songs to Xena Aouita, whom she has always known.

“My legacy is thus in the good hands of a young person who is barely 20 years old and who has loved me from a very young age. So I decided to give her the rights to my songs to be my successor. She can also interpret my songs in English or any other language”.

Xena, for her part, said she was honored by this incredible offer. “I have a great responsibility to develop her songs and rearrange them while turning them into music videos.” She also mentioned plans for new project with worldwide notoriety, she explained. Haja Hamdaouia has already made a duet with Xena. The song includes passages interpreted in Darija by Haja Hamdaouia and in English by Xena.

As a reminder, Hajja Hamdaouia created her orchestra in 1959, an orchestra where saxophone, organ, guitar, violin and tambourine live happily together. With hard-hitting lyrics that denounce, the singer expresses her femininity and talks about sex and love openly. “Daba Yji”, “Jiti majiti”, “Dada ou hiyani”, “Mal hbibi’liya” or “Hna mada bina” established her fame and notoriety in the years 60-70. Ever since, the Chaâbi diva has experienced ups and downs, but her authentic voice continued.

Her last outing took place in 2018 during the 15th edition of the Andalusies Atlantiques. The audience still keeps a dazzled memory of her performance alongside another Chaabi legend, Raymonde El Bidaouia.