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Hajja Hamdaouia, the diva of Aïta, died

Written by FDM

The famous Moroccan singer Hajja Hamdaouia, an icon of the Moroccan chaâbi, has died. She was hospitalized urgently last Friday at Cheikh Zayd hospital in Rabat where she passed away early this morning.

It is a great voice of the chaabi who died on Monday, April 5. Hajja Hamdaouia, the popular singer who rocked the youth of many generations, has passed away at the age of 91. In August 2020, having said she was very tired, she left the stage for good, bequeathing her immense heritage to Xena Aouita with whom she had sung in a duet.

Icon of popular songs, Hajja Hamdaouia created her orchestra in 1959, an orchestra where saxophone, organ, guitar, violin, and tambourine live happily together. With hard-hitting lyrics that denounce society’s taboos, the singer expressed her femininity by speaking freely about sex and love. “Daba Yji”, “Jiti majiti”, “Dada ou hiyani”, “Mal hbibi’liya” or even “Hna mada bina” are some of the cult songs which established her fame and notoriety in the 60s and 70s.
Also, and even though she has seen ups and downs, her authentic voice has flown through the decades with the same panache. Her last appearance on stage was in 2018 during the 15th edition of the Andalousies Atlantiques. The audience still keeps a dazzled memory of her performance alongside Raymonde El Bidaouia.