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HACA takes action against misogynous remarks by radio host Adil El Omari 

Written by FDM

The sexist remarks of the Radio Mars host Adil El Omari suggesting to a female auditor to “mind her cooking” instead of discussing football, had raised a wave of indignation. Two weeks later, the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication (HACA) took measures and sanctions upon the network.

For 15 days, El Oôlama dial Mars ‘ and Qadaya Riadia Bi Oôyoun Al Jalia’, two programs of Radio Mars will not be broadcast. This is the sanction of the High Authority of Audiovisual Communication (HACA), after misogynist remarks by Adil El Omari.

On July 5, the radio host told a listener, ” mind your cooking, get away from the national team and take care of your stuff. Go look at Choumicha or something, get away from us. Whether you encourage them or not, do you think it’ll make a difference for the National team? Watch Choumicha or cooking shows instead, get away from football and leave it to the people who know it “…

Netizens quickly reacted to this statement, just like Choumicha herself (famous cooking show host) who posted, on her Twitter account, a photo on which she poses in front of a barbecue, alongside Samira Sitail, 2M’s director of information and Nawal Moutawakel, vice-president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Olympic champion and former minister of Youth and Sports. She captioned the picture, ” #HappyDay. To digest the elimination of @LionsDeLatlas and as we are good for nothing but at cooking, well here I am in the kitchen with my friends Nawal ElMoutawakel and Samira Sitail. # Can2019, ” says Choumicha. She added a note: “It’s a male friend who cooked for us”.

On the web, Internet users have asked HACA to intervene. Done. As explained in a statement by the High Authority, “this decision comes as a result of the decision made by the teams of the HACA in regards to the content of several editions of these two shows of breaches of legal and regulatory provisions in force governing the sector of audiovisual communication “. Instead of the two broadcasts, the Radio has “the obligation to read (…) a statement setting out the reasons for the sanction”.