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Gwyneth Paltrow took pleasure in Gad Elmaleh’s latest show

Written by FDM

Gwyneth Paltrow joins the list Gad Elmaleh’s humor appreciators. The American actress particularly enjoyed the latest show of the French-Moroccan artist, and she did not hesitate to let him know.

This is one of those successful “crossovers”. On Friday, March 30, American actress Gwyneth Paltrow shared her enthusiasm on her Instagram story  saying that she had been thrilled by Gad Elmaleh’s show on Netflix , ‘American Dream’.

“Jet lagged and in heaven watching Gad Elmaleh show on Netflix”, wrote the Iron Man actress. The comedian was quick to react when he posted the snapshot on his Twitter account, with the caption “Thank you so much @GwynethPaltrow for your kind words and support”.

The show ‘American dream’ has generally been well received in the United States. The New York Times even described it as “tightly paced” and full of “magical faux-casualness only experienced comedians are able to generate.”

The Moroccan-French comedian has led an interesting journey throughout the past three years touring the United states. He even achieved his dream of performing on a stage in New York, including Carnegie Hall, in early 2017. “It’s a kid’s dream. The stand up was created here, invented here, so I want to do it where the biggest pros did it,” he once said.

Meanwhile, Gad Elmaleh will also have his own series  “Huge in France” on Netflix, in which he will play his own role.